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Bicycling On Hilton Head Beaches

Before you head out to ride your bike on the beach check the tide tables to see which way the tide is running. At high tide there is no hard packed beach to ride on, so you will be out of luck. You can find tide tables at And keep in mind that there is always a breeze on the beach. Riding into the wind is a lot more difficult that having the wind at your back. Enjoy your day of bike riding on the beach.

Deals on Beach Bike Rentals in Hilton Head

Just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, you can get some really sweet deals on Hilton Head beach bike rentals depending on when you arrive this summer. We have an assortment of beach cruiser bikes, beach bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, adult and youth bikes, children’s bikes and 3-wheelers, too. We also now carry men’s bikes for guys over 6’ tall.
Hilton Head beach bike rentalsThe following are special deals we have coming up on our Hilton Head beach bike rentals:
Week of June 22 Special
Order now and get any $30.00 weekly bike or bike attachment rental for just $26.00 Ask for “The Home Page Special.”
Week of June 29 Special
Rent any $30.00 bike or bike attachment for the week and pay just $27.00
July 6 thru Mid-August Special
Order at least one week in advance of delivery date and get 15% off the entire bike rental order! Sorry, we can’t include beach chairs, umbrellas, tandems and 3-wheelers in this great deal.
Hilton Head beach bike rentalsThe best deal of all – we deliver and pick up your bike rental anywhere on Hilton Head Island plus it comes with a lock and basket, all free of charge.
If you’d like more information check out our website, stop in at 24 Palmetto Bay Road on Hilton Head Island or give us a call at 843-686-5833 or 888-371-7115.
Happy biking and be safe! 

Hilton Head Bicycle Theft Problem

Unfortunately, bicycle theft on Hilton Head is a serious problem. Most stolen bikes were left unlocked, which is an invitation to theft. Who steals bikes, you might ask? Well, it’s kids, people who don’t have transportation of their own, thieves who take them off island and sell them at flea markets and such, and even vacationers who walked to a certain place, saw an unlocked bike, and decided to take it to get back home.

The prudent thing to do is to lock your bike any time it is not in your sight. We charge our customers the replacement cost ($200.00) if the bike is stolen as a result of being left unlocked.

Don’t ruin your vacation as a result of being guilty of this. We supply locks at no charge, so please use them.

Beach bike riding.

Hilton Head has 12 miles of hard-packed beach that you can ride your bike on. If you are staying mid-island, then a bike cruise down to Coligny Square for lunch and shopping is a fun ride. If you are in the Forest Beach area, then a ride to South Beach or Harbourtown in Sea Pines will fill the good part of a day. Stop and swim in the warm ocean during your rides to add to the fun. We urge our customers to not ride through wet sand or salt water. The salt will quickly eat the lubricants on the bike and cause the chain to rust. Enjoy!


Yes, it’s another beautiful day in Hilton Head Island paradise. The last two days have seen temperatures near 100 degrees, but now we are back to the low 80’s. It doesn’t get much better than that. Now that bicycle pathways cover the entire island, leave your car parked when you get here and move about on a bicycle rental from Riding Tigers Bike Rentals. Enjoy!