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Every April Hilton Head Island plays host to the Heritage Golf Tournament, a PGA Tour event that this year runs from April 14 -20. It always follows the Masters Tournament and is a draw for many of the top PGA professional golfers. It is held at the Harbourtown Golf Links course in Sea Pines Plantation and is a week of fun for spectators. The easiest way to get in to watch the play is on a bicycle. As long as you have a grounds badge you can ride through either Sea Pines gate for free. There are many places to lock up your bike once you are near the tournament grounds. Information for locations can be found at the event web site, We advise calling us well in advance to make reservations for your bikes. Of course, we deliver directly to the place where you will be spending the week. Tickets for the Heritage can be ordered online at the web site, or you can purchase a pass at the event the day, or days that you attend. Be sure to read the grounds rules prior to attending this event as there are days when cameras are not allowed. Enjoy!!

Enjoy Family Biking on the Island with Our Kid’s Bike Rentals

When it comes to teaching our children about life, there’s much that can be learned from the saddle of a bicycle. On your next family vacation to Hilton Head Island we recommend you check out our adult and kid bike rentals in Hilton Head. Find something you’re comfortable with and rent it for the duration of your stay.

Where to get kid bike rentals in Hilton HeadEvery day, set aside some time to go riding together as a family but only after discussing the rules of the road first. When heading out for a ride with your family be sure an adult is in front leading the way. If there are more than one adult riding, have a second one bringing up the rear. Helmets should be worn by all and it doesn’t hurt to be wearing brightly colored shirts or jackets as well, especially if you’ll be biking on the roads. It’s important that any vehicles around you can see you. Children’s helmets are available at $2 for one day or $6 for 4-7 days.

If you have children that aren’t used to riding two wheeled bicycles or going very far, consider one of the many accommodating accessories that we also rent. An Ally Cat attaches to the back of an adult’s bike for youngsters that can maintain their balance reasonably well and can ride with their feet on the pedals. We also have Kiddie Kart’s that are pulled kid bike rentals in Hilton Headbehind an adult’s bike. These are ideal for babies and toddlers. No matter what age your children are, chances are we have the correct accessories that will enable them to go on your family bicycling adventure.

There’s no better way to explore the island of Hilton Head than on a bicycle. Too much passes you by when you’re sitting in a car with the windows rolled up. A bicycle allows you to get off the beaten path and experience the true character of the island and its inhabitants. Use a map of the island and each day, as a family, head out in a different direction to explore the communities. It’s a wonderful way to spend your next family vacation!


Hilton Head has a wealth of restaurants, so for a visitor it may be difficult to determine which one you want to ride your bicycle to for lunch. So, we have some suggestions that should answer that question no matter what part of the island you are staying on.
For the Palmetto Dunes area you have several options. In Shelter Cove there is San Miguel’s, which is located on the south end of the shopping area. The fare is Mexican and you get salsa and chips free. You can sit outside and have a view of the marina. Inside Palmetto Dunes is Big Jim’s located in the club house at the Robert Trent Jones golf course. They have nice big burgers among other things. There is outside seating where you can watch golfers teeing off on the #1 hole. And if you want to ride a bit farther, north of the Palmetto Dunes entrance at the intersection of Rte. 278 and Singleton Beach Road is Harold’s Diner. This is a favorite with locals.
For those staying in or near Shipyard Plantation you have lots of options, some being close for the North and South Forest Beach area as well. Inside is the Sonesta Hotel with a pool bar that serves food and a nice outside patio at the hotel where meals are served. Coming out the front gate you can ride south on Rte. 278 and go to Fat Babys Pizza and Subs or Reilley’s Bar and Grille. Both spots have a great lunch menu. Coming out the Pope Avenue gate you can ride to Coligny Plaza and eat at Skillets, The Hot Dog Harbour, or Aqua’s beach side bar and grill.
Staying in Sea Pines Plantation you will have many options. Inside the gates is the Salty Dog at South Beach, the Sea Pines Beach House, and two or three restaurants in Harbourtown. And if you are near either the front or ocean gate, refer to the options listed above that are located outside the gates.
For everyone on the south end of Hilton Head don’t miss going to Palmetto Bay and eating at the Sunrise Cafe (fantastic breakfast too). It’s a longer ride, but well worth it.
If we missed an area where you will be staying, then send us an email and we can come up with more suggestions.