Since this ride is all on the beach, it can be accessed from a lot of different points. One can start in the area of the Westin Resort, Palmetto Dunes, Shipyard, North and South Forest Beach, and Sea Pines. This is a drinking person’s ride as it follows a route that takes the biker from one beach side bar to another….great fun. From the north you can start at the Westin beach bar and head south stopping at Coco’s, then the Marriott and Omni beach barsWhere to find bicycle rentals in Hilton Head, next Sonesta Hotel at Shipyard, Aqua Beach Bar on North Forest Beach, then The Tiki Hut at Coligny, then on down to Sea Pines with a stop at the Beach House, and end up at South Beach at the Salty Dog.
All these places serve food as well as drinks. And you don’t need to stop at every one. If you did, and drank at every one, you would probably not make it all the way. Best you plan your own route or part thereof. Most of the stops, except for Sea Pines (they are nasty people and don’t like bikers on their property who aren’t staying in Sea Pines Plantation) are shown on the Hilton Head 360 Map. You can pick up a copy of it at many places on the island as it is a give away map. You can also go to their web site ( www.hiltonhead360.com ) and have one sent to you.
Enjoy, and don’t fall over!


Spring comes early here on Hilton Head, and it is one of the nicest times of the year to be here. The weather is warm, there are no crowds, and the bicycling is the best. If you are planning a spring break trip with family or friends, we will have discounted bicycle rental prices to offer you. Email us or call for quotes and keep an eye on our facebook page for pricing announcements.beach 2

Don’t Be Lazy: 6 Ways to Vacation Heartier on Hilton Head

Most people would agree that vacations are about relaxation, rejuvenation, and having plenty of fun. It’s far too easy for many people to get tangled up in that first one and never get beyond relaxing on the beach, relaxing by the pool, and relaxing in front of the large screen TV. We’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you but that is taking relaxation way too far. It’s entering the realm of laziness and that’s not how you should be spending a gorgeous vacation on Hilton Head Island!

Where to find bicycle rentals in Hilton HeadWe are suggesting the following 6 ways for you to have a heartier and healthier fun-filled vacation while you’re visiting Hilton Head Island no matter how long you plan on staying. Believe us, when you get home you’re going to feel so much better about your vacation and yourself, just knowing you were active and that you made the most of your time away!

1. Take full advantage of the bicycle rentals in Hilton Head that AAA Riding Tigers have. You can ride on the roads or ride on the beach (harder) – just get out there and ride! Did you know that bicycle riding is one of the easiest and fun ways to shed those pounds? It’s true!

2. There are plenty of nature trails all around the island. They make a great place to ride your bike, jog or walk. Be sure to check them out!

3. How about renting a canoe or kayak and exploring the channels and inlets around the island.

kayak and bicycle rentals in Hilton Head4. Go visit Jarvis Creek Park and bring a picnic lunch and your fishing gear. You can fish from the dock there and then go exploring on the trails in the area.

5. Located off of William Hilton Parkway Chaplin Community Park where you can play tennis and basketball, walk the nature trails, and bring your dog to the dog park.

6. The Island Recreation Center off Gumtree Road has plenty of things for the family to do. From a swimming pool and playground to basketball courts and tennis courts, you’re bound to have a fun day!

Take these recommendations and make the most of your vacation to Hilton Head Island on your next visit. With more than 50 miles of public pathways in the area where you can enjoy your bicycle rentals in Hilton Head there’s just no good excuse for falling asleep in your beach chair for the day. If you want even more ideas you can find our recommendations on our website. If you have questions or want to make reservations, please give us a call at 843-686-5833 or 888-371-7115 at your convenience. Happy vacationing!

Christmas On Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island welcomes many visitors for the holidays each year with Christmas lights adorning trees along the main highway through the center of the island, at the entrance to every gated community, commercial shopping areas, and at private residences. Typically the weather is warm and people get out on bicycles to ride on the beach and the 60 miles of public bike tails that cover the island. Christmas is the one day that all of the golf courses are closed and do not object to golfers taking to the links on foot to play. Happy holidays!!coligny

5 Best Bike Trails On Hilton Head: #2

This ride, to most visitors, will be a fairly long one as it ends at a point at the heel of the island. The destination is Fish Haul Creek Park located near the end of Beach City Road. You can pick up a map of the island that shows all the bike trails to plan your route.

You will want to bring binoculars, if you have them, as there is a lot of bird life to see here. The park has a covered observation deck that extends out into the marsh that offers great views of tidal creek and marsh. Then you can follow a dirt road that leads you to a point where Port Royal Sound and the Atlantic ocean converge. Here there is beach and marsh grass and, when the tide is down, mud flats that are always full of a wide variety of bird life.

It is a very quiet place and one where you can sit on the rocks that form two breakwaters (now being taken over by shifting sands) and just view the water and the birds in silence. This spot is nothing like the beach area where all the hotels, condos and ocean front homes are. Most people will never see this aspect of an ocean island. Enjoy it.Fish Haul Creek mud flats and creek outlet


We would like to wish you all (not the spammers) a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you can manage to find a way to keep warm even while riding one of our wonderful, very well maintained bicycles. We don’t get a lot of very cold weather here, but it does happen. And if you don’t want to brave the elements, come on by our shop and check out the fine art in the Allaben Fine Art Gallery. We drink a toast (s) to you all!

"Blue Unbrella"  Oil painting.

“Blue Unbrella” Oil painting.

Sea Pines Plantations Screws The Bike Companies!

A meeting today with Cary Kelly, head of the Sea Pines CSA, and the director of Sea Pines security, went as we expected. They will charge all bike companies outside the Sea Pines gates $1 for every bike delivered into Sea Pines to our customers. However, they will charge all the bike rental operations inside the gates nothing. This is an obvious attempt on their part to manipulate the bike rental market. Mr. Kelly skirted the issue of the bike companies inside when asked what they are paying. Typical arrogance shown by all CSA directors. We will charge that $1 to every bike we ship into Sea Pines to our customer, making it clear that it is a Sea Pines fee, not ours. As they say (pay attention arrogant CSA) what goes around comes around.


The Sea Pines Plantation CSA canceled the meeting scheduled for a couple weeks ago after being slammed with negative comments and press in the local paper for planning to charge $1.00 for every bike brought into the plantation by outside bike rental companies. Now the meeting is re-scheduled for Mon. Nov. 18 at which point they will tell us what they intend to do. Stay tuned.Parade


Sea Pines POA (Property Owners Assn.) last spring tried to increase the annual gate fee for bike rental companies’ vehicles by nearly 500%. We threatened to take them to court and got the local paper to put the story on the front page. We beat them, and ended up paying the same fee for each vehicle that all other venders pay. Now they want to charge us $1.00 for every bike we bring into the plantation. This is reasonable I suppose to help pay for the upkeep of their bike paths, but there is a catch. The bike companies inside the plantation are exempt from this fee. That includes three Marriott time share properties, and three bike rental companies, plus some mom and pop operations. It would appear that this is a blatant case of market manipulation and unfair trade practices. On Nov. 4 there will be a meeting with the bike rental companies and the Sea Pines POA leadership. Stay tuned for the fireworks.

5 Best Bike Trails On Hilton Head – #1

Most island visitors spend their time bicycling the beach and trails close to where they are staying. This is fine, but you miss out on seeing a face of the island that most don’t know about.

One of those trails leads to Point Comfort, which is a residential community off of Palmetto Bay Road with a park, pavillion, and great view of marsh, nearby islands, and tidal creeks. To get there one should follow the bike trail that either runs along Palmetto Bay Road, or parallels Arrow Road. Check a trail map to see how to connect to either of these from where you are staying. The attached picture of a painting by our in house artist, Stanton Allaben, depicts Moon Over Hilton Head - Oil what awaits the biker. By the way, don’t bother trying to drive there, because there is no place to park.