Hilton Head Island Beach Chair Rentals

If you wish to rent bicycles and chairs and umbrellas, then click on "Available Bike Rentals" where you can do both.

For any extended time spent on the beach you’ll want somewhere comfortable to sit. While a towel or blanket on the sand was fine when you were a kid, you deserve better than that now. Come see us at Riding Tigers where you’ll have your choice of beach chair rentals. We’re well known for our bicycle rentals but that’s not all we have!  We rent Sport-Brellas which can be set up as a shelter or as an umbrella.  Either way, we ask that you use the guy lines and stakes that come with it to secure it from the wind.  Google Sport-Brella to see how it works.  

We recommend that you call us ahead of time at 843-686-5833 to reserve your equipment for same day or next day delivery. During the busy summer months the demand for beach chairs, and bicycle rentals is greater. If you place your order online do so at least one week in advance.

While you’re here on Hilton Head Island feel free to stop by and see us at  Riding Tiger Rentals. We’re located at 24 Palmetto Bay Road, Hilton Head and can be reached by phone at either 843-686-5833. We can’t wait to help make your vacation the most fun it can be!

Equipment Quantity

Backpack Beach Chair

$25.00 for 4-7 days


$35.00  4-7 days

Sport-Brellas must be used with the guy lines and stakes provided.


SPECIAL: $50.00

$60.00  4-7 days


$48.00  4-7 days

Carries like a backpack with storage compartment.

Backpack Beach Chair: 4-7 days $25.00

Beach Umbrella: 4-7 days $35.00

2 Chairs and 1 Umbrella: 4-7 days $60.00

1 Chari and 1 Umbrella: 4-7 days $48.00


All ONLINE ORDERS must be placed at least 72 hours in advance of delivery date.
Please call 843-686-5833 for same day or next day orders.