Don’t Be Lazy: 6 Ways to Vacation Heartier on Hilton Head

Most people would agree that vacations are about relaxation, rejuvenation, and having plenty of fun. It’s far too easy for many people to get tangled up in that first one and never get beyond relaxing on the beach, relaxing by the pool, and relaxing in front of the large screen TV. We’re sorry to be [...]

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Sea Pines Plantations Screws The Bike Companies!

A meeting today with Cary Kelly, head of the Sea Pines CSA, and the director of Sea Pines security, went as we expected. They will charge all bike companies outside the Sea Pines gates $1 for every bike delivered into Sea Pines to our customers. However, they will charge all the bike rental operations inside [...]

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Sea Pines POA (Property Owners Assn.) last spring tried to increase the annual gate fee for bike rental companies’ vehicles by nearly 500%. We threatened to take them to court and got the local paper to put the story on the front page. We beat them, and ended up paying the same fee for each [...]

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5 Best Bike Trails On Hilton Head – #1

Most island visitors spend their time bicycling the beach and trails close to where they are staying. This is fine, but you miss out on seeing a face of the island that most don’t know about. One of those trails leads to Point Comfort, which is a residential community off of Palmetto Bay Road with [...]

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